Workshop 101- September 23rd at 7pm (zoom)

Make It Night

Hi! I'm Lynnsy Plunz and welcome to Workshop 101- The 'How Tos" for setting up your own creative workshops.

I am the owner of Our Little Makery. I have created a business around 'Maker' workshops over the last 3 years. We have done workshops at local brewery, food halls, restaurants, markets, trade shows all the way to winning best experience at the Calgary Stampede in 2019 and now offere online workshops and DIY kits all across Canada. I have turned once a month workshop idea into a 6 figure full time business with a faithful community. Before jumping into business full time I was an elementary teacher, a learning leader and a learning coach for 15 years. Which is partly why teaching workshops is my passion!

You might be wondering... why on earth would I think about teaching workshops at a time like this.... but now is actually the perfect time to add workshops to your creative business. The on-line market place to flooded with choices and in person holiday markets are still a huge unknown. Adding something unique and different to what you offer people is a perfect way to stand out from the competition as well as added an additional revenue stream to your business. Plus in 'Workshops 101' I address in-person and online workshops so no matter where COVID-19 takes us- you are prepared. 

A question I hear often is "if I teach how I make it ... everyone will make it too". And I understand this can be a worry - however it is also a misconception. Workshops are a way to broaden your following and customer base not decrease it- just people some people want to learn how to make it doesn't mean all people want to. Instead of thinking workshops are a way to spill the beans on a secret formula... think of workshops as a way to offer a new experience to your followers (or new followers) to be a part of... an experience that in fact leaves them wanting to come back for more.

Workshop 101 walks you through creating and planning your workshop, marketing and launching it, as well as how to teach and profit from it. 

In Workshop 101 we cover:
  • How to teach your passion & make a profit
  • Event Setup- Bring your workshop to life
  • Attracting Your Ideal Attendees
  • How to create Connection & Community
  • How to Market with Heart
  • How to host a successful Online Workshop 

Once you have purchased your ticket a follow up email will be sent 48-24 hours before with a zoom link for our workshop.

Would love for you to join me!


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