SAVE 50% OFF -Blanket Ladder Kit

SAVE 50% OFF -Blanket Ladder Kit


Spring Clearance Sale... These puppies are 50% off and there are only a few left

Blanket Ladder: Match your home decor to your house by customizing a 6 foot blanket ladder.  Learn different paint/stain techniques in our video tutorials on our private Facebook Group. 

Pick as many paint colours as you would like and also pick from we assembly to a true DIYer and you can assemble it at home - note: it is easier to paint it when it is in pieces compared to one 6 foot piece.


Price includes YYC and area drop off. Drop off days are Tuesday and Friday an email will be sent to you that day to tell you the drop off time ranges. Also pick available in Strathmore AB. No refunds will be issued as these are made to order kits. 


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